Safe and sound in London

Before I start the post, Happy Birthday, Beth! Love yer guts, sister.

I’m sitting in my homestay, freshly showered after hours of flying and blocks of trekking I’m in no shape to do the math on. The family I’m staying with seems very sweet. Their house is covered in these gorgeous, hand-painted tiles, they have a garden out back, and my room is up a steep, narrow staircase. Which is to say that it’s a uniquely picturesque place to stay. I like it.

I didn’t sleep on the plane, but I did get a lot of studying done, and when I arrived at Heathrow, I floundered around the terminal for a bit until I found a phone (which I may or may not have gotten fleeced on) and Derek, my travel buddy. He has a friend in London (Russell) who was kind enough to meet us at the airport and guide us through the tube into the neighborhoods where we’d be staying. Russell was very nice and between him and Derek catching up and him passing us some tips on navigating London, the trip seemed to go by pretty fast.

Derek, Russell, and I were pretty tired and hungry after the tube ride, and Derek had a while to go before his homestay hosts would be home, so we decided to settle in for a bit at a local pub which, as it happened, was hosting a Summer Fest. We walked in to see the place decorated with strings of pennants (all of which looked like they’d been colored by local kids), bedecked with pastries, and filled with people who’d had their faces painted. We sat there for a while and caught our breaths. I sipped some potato-leek soup. It felt wonderfully concrete and bolstering. Now, with everything unpacked and a connection back to the World Wide Web, I’m going to try very hard to stay awake until a reasonable bedtime.

Update: you can read about the first day of class here.