Play 1: Macbeth

Yesterday we had our first academic class session and barreled through the discussion questions for all five acts of Macbeth. I stopped by the British Museum before and after. Here’s me in that Great Court I was going on about:


This morning, I went on a run with Serena, we met up with Derek to go to the 99p store near his homestay, and then we went to the Globe for a Macbeth matinee. It was fantastic! Definitely a crowd-pleaser–there was very little blood, but the performance ended with a jig, and somehow I left that terribly gruesome tragedy with a grin on my face. It only got bigger when we hung around the stage exit and caught Macduff (played by Stuart Bowman) and Banquo (played by Billy Boyd, aka Pippin from The Lord of the Rings) for some pictures and autographs.


(Photos courtesy of Derek, pictured above on the right; he’s blogging here.)

Tomorrow morning we’ll be touring the theatre district, and tomorrow afternoon/evening I’ll head out to Cardiff for our long weekend. You can read about that trip (Friday Saturday Sunday) or you can read about week 2 here.