Weekend in Wales (Saturday)

We started last Saturday with a bus ride to Castell Coch. It had followed roughly the same trajectory of Cardiff Castle–owned by the Marquess de Bute and refurbished by William Burges–but it looked completely different. There were aspects of overlap–a shell keep, paintings of plants and animals and flowers–but the painting that the caretakers had kept the place up with was thick and glossy, and the place looked a bit like a toy. Too neat, too perfect.

We got back to Cardiff with enough time to walk to the Bay and catch our time slot for the Doctor Who Experience.

Ohmygoodness. It was wonderful. It was nerdy. It was experiential. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I enjoyed the mix of interactive aspects and informational exhibits, and I will say that I got to touch the TARDIS. I visited the gift shop and got many small gifts and later found out that I forgot two of the knickknacks and the T-shirt I got is a size too big.

Afterwards, Derek and I were exhausted, and enjoyed some down time/study time before the Llandaff Ghost Walk. About that: it was good. It was fantastic. There was no moon and it was incredibly dark and people were seeing things. It was so good and fantastic and dark that I will never go again. Never again!

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